Chemo in Shanghai - What should I ask my doctor?

ask-your-oncologistBecause cancer is different for each person, your chemo will be planned just for you. Work with your oncologist to decide what’s best for you in Shanghai. Ask questions. Ask the oncologist, nurses, and others on your treatment team all the questions you need to. Medical team know the most about chemo and how it works. Be ready. Write down your questions ahead of time and take them with you. Don’t be afraid to say you are confused or need more chemo information. Nothing you say will sound silly or strange to your health care team. They know you want to learn as much about chemo as you can. All patients in Shanghai getting chemo have questions. Here are some questions you might want to ask:  

  • What is the goal of chemo in my case?  
  • How will we know if the chemo is working?  
  • After chemo, will I be cured? 
  • Are there other ways besides chemo to treat my cancer? 
  • If chemo does not work, are there other treatments for me? 
  • How will I get chemo, how often, and for how long? 
  • What side effects should I watch for? 
  • Should I call you if I have any of these side effects even at night or on a weekend? 
  • Is there anything I should do to get ready for treatment? 
  • Will I need surgery or radiation? If so, when and why? 
  • Does my insurance cover chemo? If not, how will I pay for it? 
  • Will I still be able to work (or go to school) during treatment?

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