What is an Abscessed Tooth?

Got abscessed tooth in Shanghai? It can be serious. Abscessed tooth commonly caused by serious dental decay, an abscessed tooth is an infection. More specifically, an abscessed tooth is a painful infection at the root of the tooth or between the gums. Other causes of tooth abscess are trauma to the tooth, such as broken or chipped, and gingivitis or gum disease. These problems can cause openings in tooth enamel, which allows bacteria to infect the center of the tooth. The infection can often time spread from the root of the tooth to the bones supporting the tooth. Luckily, there are numerous dental plans in Shanghai and options out there to help you with this dental condition.

Tooth Abscess Symptoms: The dental pulp, the only part of the tooth sensitive to pain, is often well protected. The outer layers of the tooth (enamel) and dentin (the main part of the tooth) surround the fleshy, nerve-filled center. However, if a tooth cracks or develops a deep cavity, the pulp can become exposed. Before long, bacteria will invade the center of the tooth, and the pulp will began to decay. As the infection progresses, pockets of pus will form at the root of the tooth. This is known as tooth abscess. Occasionally, a tooth abscess is excruciatingly painful and swollen, and at other times, patients may not be aware it exists until he or she has a routine dental exam. There are several symptoms whose severity may vary. Some of them are toothache, sensitivity to hot or cold, bitter taste in the month, bad breath, swollen glands of the neck and pain during chewing. A more serious symptom is swelling of the upper or lower jaw. If untreated, an abscessed tooth can lead to other, more serious, complications. When dealing with a tooth abscess diagnosis, it is important to consider whether there is an underlying condition causing tooth abscess.
Untreated Abscessed Tooth Complications: Untreated tooth abscess is especially dangerous. If an abscessed tooth is left untreated, the tooth infection can spread to other areas of the mouth causing a loss of teeth or other health problems. In addition, left untreated, tooth abscess may compromise the immune system and in rare cases may become life threatening. Some other tooth abscess complications are facial disfigurement as the infection eats away at the facial bones, and teeth falling out as the tooth abscess destroys the section of the jaw holding the tooth. While a life-threatening deep neck infection is an uncommon complication of tooth abscess, dentists should be able to recognize the signs and symptoms. The patient should be examined for swelling below the inferior border of the mandible, excessive trismus, fever, floor of mouth or tongue elevations and deviation of the pharyngeal walls. In addition, the signs of an impending airway, including muffled voice, inability to tolerate secretions and protruding tongue, should be carefully evaluated.

The Worst Abscessed Tooth Danger: In rare cases, an abscessed tooth can lead to death. If a tooth abscess if left untreated by a dentist it can grow and spread through the soft tissue of the face and cause dramatic outward facial swelling called cellulitis. The growth of infection, and not its position, can lead to breathing difficulties. If the infection goes untreated until the gum is swollen to the point that there is difficulty breathing or opening the mouth, the situation could become particularly dangerous.

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