Shanghai Mental Health Center

The Shanghai Mental Health Center (SMHC), formerly known as the Shanghai Psychiatric Hospital, was founded in 1958. Its predecessor, Mercy Hospital, was established in 1935. The SMHC consists of a main hospital and a branch hospital. SMHC has numerous functions. In addition to serving as a mental health clinic offering medication management and psychotherapy, the center is involved in teaching, research, and mental health prevention planning for Shanghai and the entirety of China. There are multiple divisions within the SMHC, each of which have some responsibility for the above functions of the SMHC. The divisions of the SMHC are as follows: The Shanghai Institute of Mental Health (SIMH), the Shanghai Psychotherapy and Psychological Counseling Center (SPCC), the Shanghai Municipal Clinical Center for Mental Disease, the National Institution for Clinical Drug Trials, the Shanghai Municipal Center of Mental Disease Prevention and Control (SCMDC), and the Shanghai Drug Abuse Treatment Center (SDATC).
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No.600 South Wanping Road, Shanghai, China, 200030
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