Shanghai St. John's Health Clinic

B24St.John’s is known as the first 5-star preventive medical center in Shanghai with more than 4,000 square meters of well-appointed floor space. The center has thorough and complete physical examination and follow-up health management systems, and senior professional health management physicians and personal health assistants or “health secretaries” provide comprehensive services including counseling and education on nutrition and exercise, management of pressure-release and other aspects of medical care. The center is fully equipped with the most modern and advanced health examination equipments and provides unique and comprehensive adult health examination services, analgesic gastroenteroscopy, functional medicine, and dentistry, including specialist clinics for both traditional chinese and western medicine. St. John’s helps people of all ages better manage their health scientifically to make each stage of life healthier, longer and better!

Specialities: Health screening, Chinese traditional medicine, Vision correction
Address: No.4, Lane 398 Da Pu Road, Lu Wan District
Contact: 86 21 5302 9922-234

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